Video avatars and video calls appeared on Telegram (but not for everyone)

The Telegram team has presented an update for the messenger that adds many useful features.

Video calls

Telegram finally has video calls, but so faronly in test mode on iOS devices. The official blog doesn't say a word about this - presumably because it's an experimental innovation. In order for you to be able to make video calls, you need to do some manipulations:

  • first of all, update the App Store app to version 6.3
  • open the debug menu by clicking on the settings icon in the application 10 times
  • then enable the Experimental Feature in the debug menu
  • as a result, we get the "Video call" icon in the profile

But there is an important BUT! The interlocutor whom you want to call must do the same manipulations, otherwise you will not be able to communicate via video communication.

What else

Now let's move on to the official updates. Firstly, these are video avatars, that is, videos instead of a static profile photo. The chats will display a frame that you choose.

On this occasion, the messenger improved andsection "People nearby". Now, when someone contacts you through this section, you will see at what distance the other person is from you. If you yourself initiate the chat, Telegram will offer a welcome sticker, which is convenient to start a conversation with. To activate your location, go to Contacts> Find People Nearby and click 'Show me here'.

</ img>

Secondly, if you were sent a video or photo, ina reduced copy of the notification and chat list will be displayed. This feature also works in message search results, making it even easier to find the message you're looking for.

</ img>

Thirdly, the limit on the size of uploaded files has been increased - up to 2 GB.

Fourthly, the editor now has an anti-aliasing filter that can be applied to any photo or video taken by the phone's front camera.

In addition, we added the ability to disablenotifications and archive new chats with users who are not in the contact list, detailed statistics for owners of groups with 500 or more users, a new music player for Android users, the ability to simultaneously use up to three accounts with different numbers in the desktop version and new animated animoji.