Video game fans think and make decisions faster, scientists say

American experts have found that people who often play video games make decisions faster, and

their brains are working harder. An article with the results of this study was published in the journal Neuroimage: Reports. Discuss

Georgia State University researchersfound evidence that video games can be good for the human brain. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), they found that video game players were generally faster at making decisions and thinking.

A recent study involved 47 students. Of these, 28 were considered regular gamers and 19 did not play video games at all.

Based on the analysis of the results obtainedit turned out that gamers had more accurate and faster reactions. They also worked better than those who did not play at all, certain areas of the brain. In particular, those areas that are responsible for the perception, sensation, transformation of all this into action.

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