Video: how to change the port on the iPhone to "like in Android"

About a month ago, the Network was "blown up" by the information about the project of the student of the Faculty of Robotics Ken Pillonel.

He developed a hack that "replaces" the iPhone's traditional Lightning port with USB-C. Discuss

Now the enthusiast has gone further and published a full-fledged video instruction. In it, he told and showed the whole process from start to finish.

In the description of the video, he left a link to the GitHub repository, by clicking on which you can get access to all the files necessary to repeat the project.

He's also trying to sell his first USB-C iPhone.

It is worth noting that in his video, Pillonel demonstrated both the design phase of the hack (with the reverse engineering of Lightning) and the modification of the iPhone case (to accommodate the USB-C connector).

By the way, along with a link to the project's GitHub,the author also posted a link to the eBay auction. On it, he tries to sell his original iPhone with a USB-C port. At the time of this writing, the lot price was 3.4 thousand dollars (about 245 thousand rubles).

Source: The Verge