Video of the day: Boston Dynamics robot bird with sucker instead of beak earns money as a loader

Boston Dynamics showed off its Handle forklift robot in action, which is designed to work

at logistics warehouses.

What a beast

This is an improved Handle, which generallynot like the first robot. If at the beginning of 2017 it was something similar to a four-legged animal that only occasionally stood on its hind legs, then now it is more likely a robotic bird. Only instead of a beak it has a suction cup, and instead of paws it has wheels. Well, alas, he doesn’t lay eggs.

What can

The video showed how the robot deftly grabswith its suction cup beak the boxes from the pallet and transfers them to another place. These boxes weigh 5 kg each, but the Handle can easily take up to 15 kg. It stacks objects up to 1.7 meters high and 1.2 meters long.

To maintain balance, the robot hasspecial counterweight on the tail. He also knows how to analyze space, look for the necessary objects and where to put them, using a computer vision system.