VIDEO: Xiaomi 12T review - an underestimated representative of the flagship series

On our YouTube channel, you could see the Xiaomi 12T Pro review, where we were skeptical about the standard 12T model.

After a while, our subscribers urged to turnattention to this model, which is seen by many as an example of the balance so often needed. As it turned out, not in vain! Yes, the model did not turn out to be a breakthrough, its level is lower than the 12T Pro (the first Xiaomi with a 200-megapixel camera, by the way), but the 12T did not hit the face in the dirt. The preparation of the review coincided with Evgeny's vacation in Australia, so sunny weather and beautiful views are included. I liked the display (including the touch), proprietary Xiaomi vibration, the stability of Dimensity 8100. In general, see:

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