VideoProc - Converting, editing and compressing videos has never been so easy! (How to get a free license and iPhone XS)

Want to learn how to edit and convert videos, but you don’t have time to understand complex programs, or

computer power is not enough for normalwork? VideoProc editor allows you to not only convert and process video, but also speed up your Mac or PC. Check if this is actually so.

Not every video editor supports 4K,but Digiarty's VideoProc is one of them. And this is important if you plan to process video shot on GoPro or iPhone. It is also worth noting the large number of supported formats:

  • Video: MP4, AVI, FLV, MKS, MOV, MPEG4, H.264, HEVC, WMV, MTS, M2TS, TS, AVCHD, MOD, etc.
  • Audio: MP3, AC3, AAC, FLAC, etc.

It is interesting to note that the program is capable of 47 times Speed ​​up your computer by accelerating the processor and graphics, as well as a unique technology that speeds up transcoding and processing, optimizing file size and video quality.

How to install

Go to the official website and you will automatically be taken to the Mac or Windows version download page, depending on your device. Press Free downloadto download the program. After loading.dmg or .exe file, run it to install the program. Done - you have received a free version of the program! The restriction in the trial version is one, but significant: you can render video no longer than 5 minutes.

To remove the restriction, you need to pay a subscription. There are three options:

  • The annual license for one Mac or PC - $ 29.95
  • Perpetual license for one Mac or PC - $ 42.95
  • Family Unlimited License for 2-5 Macs or PC - $ 57.95

When you buy the last option as a gift, you get the DearMob utility for backup and data transfer from the iPhone of the same developer.

However, it is not necessary to pay immediately. We recommend that you first test the free version to see if VideoProc is right for you. In addition, you have a chance to win a license: in honor of the launch of the program, developers play 2,000 keys for a perpetual license every day. In addition, you get a chance to win an iPhone XS, AirPods or Lightning cable. You can participate in the draw here.

Video editing

The video editor here is quite basic, soeven a novice can easily deal with it. However, this program is not suitable for complex editing - at least due to the lack of transitions and audio effects.

To get started, open the video you want to work with.

Below you will see buttons for quick access to important editing functions.


Here you can cut the necessary pieces from the video. To do this, select a segment on the timeline and press the button Cut. Repeat with the following snippet. Please note: as already mentioned, there are no transitions in VideoProc, so the pieces just stick together without transit effects!

Crop (Crop)

Click on the checkbox Enable Cropto make changes. In the Preset field, select the desired aspect ratio, then move and enlarge or reduce the frame to the desired size and position.

In the left window you see the original video that you are working on, and in the right - a preview after the changes.


Here you can quickly embed subtitles from a single file into a video. Add your own file (Add Subtitle File) or find subtitles on the Internet.

The search is very convenient: just click on Search Subtitle File, select the type of video (movie or episode of the series), enter a name and select a language.


Here you can add one of the simple effects.(B / W, vignette, mirror, etc.), as well as adjust colors using the settings for brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and gamma. Again, no complicated settings, which eliminates the difficult work with color correction, but allows you to quickly improve the video.


In one click, you can flip the video horizontally or vertically, and also rotate it 90 degrees.


Add a watermark to the video - as text or image. You can customize the font, as well as its color, size and opacity.

Video conversion

Before exporting, you can select the file format and codec, as well as set the desired video and sound quality and other settings. The format must be selected at the bottom of the window (Target Format).

For more detailed settings, click on the gear with the inscription codec near your video. Once ready, click Done to export the file. If you need to convert several videos at once, click Apply to Allto apply these settings to all uploaded videos.

After that, wait for the export. Green indicates equipment whose operation was accelerated thanks to VideoProc (in this case it is only a processor).

DVD converter

Although the main emphasis in VideoProc is onconverting and processing video files, this functionality is not limited. For example, thanks to the built-in DVD converter, you can transfer the image of any disc to the good old MP4 without loss of quality.

Download files from the Internet

Thanks to VideoProc, you can forget about third-partydownloaders from YouTube and other sites. Yes, the program can download video and audio! Just specify the link to the resource from which you want to download the video, and get a list of available options of different quality. You can only download audio separately.

Screen recording

The last feature I would like to mention isscreen recording. You can shoot a computer screen, iPhone or webcam image. You can also combine screen and webcam picture-in-picture mode for shooting game or instructional videos.


VideoProc is a great program forconverting and fast video processing, especially considering the possibility of obtaining a perpetual license for free. Additional features like screen recording, DVD conversion and downloading videos and subtitles from the Internet are a nice bonus for those who do not want to load the computer with unnecessary programs and strive for multifunctionality.

If your goal is not an advanced tool like Final Cut X or Adobe Premiere, but an easy-to-use utility for cutting and improving video, VideoProc will appeal to you.