Vinyl records outsold CDs for the first time since 1987

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) earnings report shows that

Vinyl records are rapidly gaining popularity again.

What is known

According to the report, vinyl record salesgradually increased over the past 16 years. And at the end of last year, they surpassed CDs in sales - this happened for the first time since 1987. To date, they account for 71% of all revenue from the sale of physical music formats, which is $1.7 billion.

At the same time, CD sales fell by 18% in 2022. At the end of the year, they sold 33 million, and vinyl records - 41 million copies.

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In the US, the best-selling records in 2022 were albums by Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) (1.7 million copies), Harry Styles (Harry Styles) (719 thousand) and The Beatles (553 thousand).

Also sales of vinyl records increased in the UK, Germany, Japan and South Korea. But the market is still dominated by music streaming.

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