Virgin Galactic first sent man into earth orbit

Virgin Galactic sent its first passenger into cosmic space. Chief Instructor Astronaut

Beth Moses’s company has accompanied two pilots onflying 55.85 miles above Earth, just a few miles below the internationally recognized space border. This is good news for more than 600 people from 58 countries who have paid or made deposits on suborbital flights to Virgin Galactic. Some of them have been waiting for their flight for more than 14 years.

Virgin Galactic the last few years activelyexpands boundaries, flying faster and faster with heavier loads to simulate the weight of passengers. According to Reuters, Branson hopes to become the first passenger of the first commercial flight SpaceShipTwo this summer. If successful, the company will offer 90-minute flights at a price of 250 thousand US dollars.

Virgin Galactic has announced the first VSS Unity space flight launch. It seems to be not so

"The safe flight of the same transportMeans to space and its return in a little over two months with the expansion of the boundaries of the flight indicate what unique opportunities we create. Today's flight in the cockpit of Beth must assure our customers that the same impeccable journey awaits them, just like our ships. All this causes a burning sense of impatience to all who seek to experience the sensations of flying, ”said Branson.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, whoalso aims to create a space tourism industry, previously skeptical of the capabilities of Virgin Galactic. According to him, one of the competitor's problems is that he is not going to overcome a height of 100 kilometers above the ground.