Virgin Galactic transfers activity to Spaceport America. Their first commercial flight will take place soon.

Virgin Galactic's collaboration involves moving the company's commercial operations to Spaceport America, where

employees will be preparing for the first flights. This means the company is "signalling the final countdown" to commercial spaceflight.

“Our adventure «Virgin Galactic» Withfrom the very beginning was intertwined with New Mexico and Spaceport America,” said Richard Branson. “Today, it gives me great pleasure to announce that, in turn, we are ready to return to Spaceport and prepare for flights.”

Virgin Galactic sent a man into low-Earth orbit for the first time

Virgin Galactic previously sent its firstpassenger in the cosmos. Chief Instructor-Astronaut Beth Moses accompanied the two pilots during the flight just a few miles below the internationally recognized space border. This is good news for more than 600 people from 58 countries who have paid or made deposits on suborbital flights to Virgin Galactic. Some of them have been waiting for their flight for more than 14 years.

Virgin Galactic the last few years activelyexpands boundaries, flying faster with heavier loads to simulate the weight of passengers. According to Reuters, Branson hopes to become the first passenger of the first commercial flight SpaceShipTwo this summer. If successful, the company will offer customers 90-minute flights at a price of 250 thousand dollars.