Virtual reality glasses VR S-Max. New life

Virtual reality captures our life even faster than it was described in the fiction of the 90s. Jump with

parachute, exciting race on a sports car fromfirst person, a dizzying ride on a roller coaster or an underwater expedition to the world of sharks are possible without leaving home. Virtual reality glasses can take you to the 3D world. No expensive equipment, your smartphone will suffice!

Smarterra VR Sound MAX

The time has passed when the world of virtualreality could be reached by having only expensive equipment. Now everything is much easier! We take a smartphone, launch VR-content, install it in glasses and dive into the 3D world.

Review Smarterra VR Sound MAX I want to start with a description of the features and features that distinguish this model in the market of VR technologies.


  • watching 3D movies
  • viewing video in 360 ° format
  • use of VR applications and games on the smartphone

Special features

  • built-in stereo speakers
  • 40 mm coated lenses with fine adjustment
  • premium performance materials, ease of use

Where to begin?

The first thing that can confuse the user is how to use virtual glasses and where to get VR content? Start worth it is from searching and installing content on a smartphone. There are enough sources for today and there are plenty to choose from. You can simply enter in the search (or in the App Store / Google Play) VR-content, VR-applications and install everything you liked on your smartphone. A good selection of applications and games here. And of course, do not forget about the service. YouTube VR.


Content found, great, now let'sdive into the world of virtual reality! Smarterra VR Sound MAX glasses support the ability to use smartphones with a different display diagonal. Suitable devices with a diagonal 4.7 ″ - 6.0 ″. Ideally - 5 inches.

Install the smartphone in the glasses for this glassesSpecial fastening with retaining cap is thought out. Next, we connect the audio headset to the smartphone and wear virtual reality glasses. It is worth noting the comfortable ear cushions and the material of the glasses themselves in the place of contact with the face. The device is almost not felt, and this is an important nuance that allows you to plunge into the virtual world as much as possible!

Important! If the picture does not suit you, then use the lens adjustment wheels.


In addition to visual control in the veryVR space VR S-Max has the ability to control the process using the Bluetooth remote control that comes with it. Install the batteries, connect the joystick remote to your smartphone and go! For me personally, the remote turned out to be convenient in games, and there is no particular need when watching video content.


Virtual reality glasses Smarterra VR SoundMAX is a great device for exploring VR. Its significant differences from competitors are a convenient mounting system, high-quality performance, the presence of a remote control and built-in stereo audio. All technical features and information about the device can be found on the official website of the manufacturer!