Visa and Oschadbank launched Tap to Phone technology in Ukraine, which turns a smartphone into a POS terminal

Visa and Oschadbank started testing Tap to Phone technology in Ukraine for contactless payments using

smartphone Ukraine is the first country in the CIS and South-Eastern Europe to launch this technology.

What it is

Tap to Phone allows you to pay for purchases onlyusing a smartphone, that is, the gadget itself plays the role of a POS-terminal. Now, using a smartphone, you can not only transfer money, but also accept it, which is very convenient for small and medium-sized businesses.

How does it work to turn a smartphone intoterminal, you need an Android device with an NFC-module. IPhone is not suitable for this, as Apple itself limits the functionality of NFC on their devices.

While the first partner of Visa became Oschadbank, but infuture plans to cooperate with other banks. If the entrepreneur is not a client of the bank, it is necessary to open an account and follow a standard procedure. After that, install the application - and you can use Tap to Phone.

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For payment, the buyer brings to the smartphoneSeller your card, smartphone or other gadget with NFC. To pay less than 1000 hryvnia - the PIN code is not needed if the purchase is over this amount - the code is entered directly on the screen of the smartphone. After confirming the transaction, the smartphone terminal generates a digital check.

At that, only contactless cards are accepted - the smartphone will not be able to read information from chip cards and cards from a magnetic strip.

Why do you need it

Thus, in Ukraine they want to expandinfrastructure for receiving electronic payments. This technology will be convenient for small business owners. Accepting payments using a smartphone will be convenient, for example, in a taxi, at a festival or in a cafe.

In addition, entrepreneurs do not have to pay for the lease of the terminal. The application is completely free, the bank only takes the standard fees for account maintenance and contactless payments.