VisionLabs and Timebook have developed a platform for biometric identification of personnel

VisionLabs’s Luna technology, developed using

computer vision and machine technologieslearning. It will be used to identify the employee. The system will be integrated into Timeforms Workforce Management staff management modules.

Residents of the IT cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation, a companyTimebook, which develops workforce management solutions, and VisionLabs, one of the world leaders in the development of computer vision systems, has entered into a strategic agreement. As a result of the partnership, the VisionLabs face recognition platform Luna will complement the flagship product Timebook, designed for integrated personnel management of retail networks.


Combining technologies will allow not only to confirm the presence of an employee at the workplace, but also to form an individual work schedule for him, to track the processing and implementation of the plan.

In the future, the platform will reduce the costs of corporations - especially large retailers - for staff at least 15%.