Vivo has spent 3 years developing the photochromic back panel of the new S10 smartphones

Recently, Vivo introduced two new mid-range smartphones in China - Vivo S10 and Vivo S10 Pro. In addition to

interesting characteristics like a 44 MP front camera with an additional 8 MP "width", new items also differ in an unusual rear panel.

What's special?

Both models received photochromic covers thatsensitive to ultraviolet light. According to official notes, the S10 series uses a new photochromic technology that allows it to change color in just three seconds in direct sunlight. As soon as you remove the gadget from the sun, it will gradually return to its original color.

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In addition, the video that appeared on the network shows that you can even draw with an ultraviolet flashlight on the back of the smartphone.

As Vivo Product Manager Han toldBoksiao (Han Boxiao), the company has been developing the technology since the release of the X27 series, that is, for about 3 years. Unfortunately, at the presentation, Vivo for some reason did not pay enough attention to this feature of the S10 and S10 Pro.

But you can expect photochromic panels to appear in other upcoming devices from the Chinese manufacturer as well.

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