Vivo patented a new design for dual-display smartphones.

At LetsGoDigital published 2 patents of the new design of smartphones Vivo.

2 smartphones, 4 screens

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Figures, models A and B are twodifferent design phones with two displays. Like the Vivo NEX Dual Display smartphone, they have a full-screen display on the front and a second screen located on the back of the case.

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Model A is equipped with a LED ring withRGB backlighting, the same as the Lunar Ring backlight around the NEX Dual Display front camera. The ring is located in the upper left side of the second screen, and its lower half is embedded in the display.

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Model B has a smaller oval-shaped LED ring, which is located in the upper right corner of the second display. Camera sensors are located inside the oval.

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Like NEX, smartphones on thumbnails do not havefront cameras. The front display of both models can be equipped with a fingerprint scanner on the screen. The power and volume buttons are located on the left side.