Vivo V15 Pro review: who is new?

The Ukrainian market is becoming a point of interest for large international companies, and smartphones are not

exception.While Xiaomi is knocking the stool out from under Huawei/Honor and Samsung with low prices, a new low-cost competitor is looking at how to eat away the share of all four brands. The Ukrainian consumer loves a good product with strong characteristics, but cheaper and preferably from a well-known brand. Vivo has it. In the near future, the company will fight for recognition and sales in the low segment – like all newbies. But we were interested to first take a look at the top model on the Ukrainian market - Vivo V15 Pro.

What is this?

Mid-range top-level smartphone witha front-facing upstart camera and a triple main camera (one of the modules is 48-megapixel), and with dazzling body colors and high performance. Almost 10,000 UAH are being asked for him today.

What brand is Vivo?

Vivo has been stable for several years 5 smartphone manufacturers, taking from 3 to 5 lines alternately. The official website of the company says about 200 million users of its smartphones. The brand belongs to the Chinese BBK Electronics, a dinosaur in the electronics market (OPPO and OnePlus are also owned by it).

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The Vivo brand was born exactly 10 years ago. I got into smartphones in 2012. It was this brand that first introduced a smartphone with an under-screen scanner and a model with a popup camera.

Vivo's brothers - Oppo and OnePlus - are slightly higher in priceperception and divorced within the company. But in fact, more with marketing than with real differences, the company is developing its lineup in such a way as to play in different segments.

Apart from China, which brings the lion's share to Vivosales, the company is conquering the markets of Africa and the Middle East. Which, by the way, are still far from saturation and have huge potential for growth. Apparently, Vivo is targeting this potential.

Vivo smartphones have just gone on sale in Ukraine. Several models with prices from 3,500 UAH to 10,000 UAH.

What does he look like?

About 10-15 years ago, before the transition to touchinterfaces, a description of the appearance and ergonomics of the phone could take up up to half of the review. Materials, location and quality of buttons, colors - with equal or similar characteristics, manufacturers ensured the diversity of the model range only thanks to these things. Telephones and smartphones were accessories that spoke a lot about their owners, their tastes and lifestyle. I like that today manufacturers have returned to aesthetics again. Vivo V15 Pro &#8211; This is, first of all, a beautiful accessory, it works smoothly and is attractive in appearance, it is one of those things that is not even interesting to go under the hood simply because it immediately grabs an emotional attention.

The back of the smartphone is plastic,two-tone (burgundy with gold in my case, but there is also blue with gold) with a fine pattern and a beautiful overflow. I want to consider her. The plastic is glossy, the fingerprints on the case are visible at a certain angle, but the material is quite durable, for a couple of weeks the smartphone has not been scratched in my hands.

Comes with a smartphonetransparent case with durable black hard plastic at the ends. It significantly increases the size of the smartphone, but protrudes above the screen, so it should perfectly protect the device when dropped. The case also has a latch for a microUSB connector (by the way, yes, for some reason the manufacturer left an outdated connector). The characteristics of the model indicate that it does not have protection from dust and moisture, but, apparently, in the case everything is not so bad. Under the transparent case, both the overflow of the case and the pattern are visible, but the color looks calmer. One of the disadvantages of the case is that it protrudes above the camera. Since the triple camera module also protrudes, together with the case this design becomes really big. On the other hand, the camera module in the case is also better protected, making it harder to reach and scratch or get dirty.





On the smartphone body, in addition to the adjustment keysvolume and screen lock (on the right side), there is another button &#8211; by default, to call the Google Assistant. It's called the Smart Button in Settings and can also trigger Google search, or you can turn it off completely. It’s a pity that there is no way to assign any desired application to this button. The device has an audio jack, it’s unusual that it’s located on the top. In my opinion, today this arrangement &#8211; rarity. However, this does not affect the convenience.

Vivo V15 Pro also has two retractable slots incase - one for microSD cards (supported up to 256 GB) and another, double &#8211; for SIM cards. If the built-in 128 GB does not seem enough, you won’t have to choose between an additional SIM card and memory.






What is security?

Vivo has both a fingerprint scanner andfacial recognition system, but both are not easy. The scanner is located on the front panel under the screen. And facial recognition &#8211; on the pop-up selfie camera. By the way, what’s surprising is that it can be used to unlock a smartphone; the manufacturer did not abandon this feature, but it’s up to the user &#8211; to use or not. Because recognition occurs instantly, but it takes a few fractions of a second for the camera to move out. It's faster with a print. In your smartphone settings, you can select the face unlock method. And even assign unlocking by fingerprint and face. For smartphone or for any application.






The under-screen scanner works quickly and accurately,In all my time, maybe twice, my smartphone has resisted being unlocked the first time. Sometimes, if I pressed with insufficient force, he warned me that I needed to press harder. On a dark screen, the scanner is not visible, but you just touch your smartphone and it appears.





What about his autonomy?

The Vivo V15 Pro has a 3,700mAh battery.I can't call myself the most active user, but I still do a lot of things on my smartphone &#8211; I can jot down drafts of texts, watch something on Youtube, use shopping apps, listen to music loudly and a lot, search for something, use maps, avoid energy saving mode.

According to my observations, the smartphone in this modelasts about a working day. In general, it seemed to me that energy efficiency in standby mode &#8211; This is something the company still needs to work on. The Huawei P Smart Z, which I recently came into contact with, was better in this regard, although the processors of both devices are comparable in characteristics and technological process. And both very intrusively suggest closing applications that are using up too much battery.

This is what the battery schedule and cost details look like.









For some reason, my battery life test crashed a couple of times, after working for two hours, during which time the smartphone lost almost half of its charge. But there are no final results.

How is the screen?

6.39-inch matrix, Super AMOLED with a maximum brightness of 287 cd/m2. Sparsely by the standards of a modern smartphone.

Below is a gallery with measurements in the modedefault. If you don’t really understand the essence of these measurements, we have a wonderful article on our website about how we measure the quality of screens and what all these graphs mean.

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In dark areas of the image the screen is sufficientlyaccurate, but in light colors it goes wild. In real life he seemed comfortable to me. In the settings you can select color saturation and temperature, and enable eye protection mode. That is, in any case, you can choose the color rendering to suit your taste.






The screen supports Always On mode, for itYou can customize several display styles. In addition, you can personalize application icons, but not much - within the limits of more straight or rounded corners.







I usually always turn on the eye protection mode,I’m used to the warm colors of the screen on all my devices. The price you pay for eye comfort is readability in the sun. In this mode, in the summer I could use the Vivo V15 Pro outside, but on a very bright day I had to take off my sunglasses. If you disable the mode, readability improves.

I can't say that this is the best display out there.those that I have seen, but he is definitely pleasant. Read or watch videos on the big screen of Vivo V15 Pro &#8211; Sheer pleasure, largely due to the lack of a cutout for the camera. But thin frames around the screen, as well as a pixel density of 404 ppi, also benefit perception. In addition, at the interface level, the manufacturer has thought about how to make a device with a huge screen more convenient to operate with one hand, but this will be discussed further.

What is he like at work?

Vivo V15 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm 675 and 6 processorGB of RAM, built-in memory is 128 GB. For its price category, these are not royal characteristics. The same Xiaomi has at least two models with Qualcomm 800 series processors. This model works stably and quickly, I felt comfortable using it. The processor is made using an 11nm process technology, but, as I wrote above, there are devices with better software optimization that consume less battery power. The chipset is considered gaming &#8211; for those who need powerful graphics, but don’t have the money for a top-end smartphone.







Out of the box the model works under controlAndroid 9.0 Pie, on top of which Vivo's proprietary interface is used &#8211; Funtouch 9. It differs in many ways from what is available in brands represented in Ukraine, but behind it you can feel the history, character and effort invested.

The brand's target audience is millennials and generation Z, as well as mobile gamers. And this is read, even without communicating with the brand. Starting with the name of the proprietary interface.

For example, in the settings there is not only a speciala mode for gamers, in which you can assign which services and applications can disturb you during a game (and a “game” can be any application installed), but also a mode for riding a motorcycle (the smartphone will reject all calls and notifications). Funtouch allows you to create shortcuts for individual actions and add them to the notification shade &#8211; for example, watching trending videos on Youtube or TikTok, launching home navigation, etc.

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In additional settings you can enable the mode“beautiful face” for a video call in instant messengers. In Asia, they are endlessly obsessed with appearance, even in those services that should not show a digital portrait to others (remember the story about how Chinese users did not want to use the AliPay Smile to Pay service because they looked ugly in the terminal, so the vendor had to screw it in there too "improver"?). So, in a smartphone of this brand it just comes through. But I’ll tell you more about this in the section about the camera.

She promised to talk about how the interfaceadapted to screen size and one-handed operation. First of all, the notification shade is down here. Considering the location of the fingerprint scanner and navigation keys (you can switch to gestures, by the way), this is convenient. There is no need to move the device in your hand and once again risk that it will fly off to the floor. The switch with brightness and volume adjustment can be left on the right or left. Whichever is more convenient for you. There is also a virtual EasyTouch button, for which you can assign a quick launch of several applications; its beauty is that in applications it turns into a small strip in the dock of the screen and does not interfere with using the application.

At the same time, I didn’t like the fact that due to the size of the switches, fewer shortcuts for setting fit into the curtain—you have to flip through it.







There is a section with warranty information in the settingsand after-sales service. With the address and telephone number of the nearest organization. Maybe this is still there somewhere, this is the first time I’ve seen this, and it’s cool! It’s immediately clear where to run if the gadget behaves badly. You can also fill out an electronic warranty card there.

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Vivo has its own app storeV-Appstore. And what’s surprising is that the smartphone offers to install application updates from it. Even those that I installed myself from Google Play. Also, smartphone users have access to the branded “cloud” Vivo Cloud, there is a built-in browser with an ad blocker, a theme store for the smartphone, a separate application, as I understand it, a mirror of the company’s website and a service for clearing memory.

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There are other interesting little things on the menu.For example, limiting data transfer in hotspot mode, cloning applications, long screenshot, screen recording (with or without sound), a hint bar for menu navigation gestures, smart gestures for controlling a smartphone (such as activation by double tap, etc.). d.).

How does he take off?

Why does a smartphone have such a huge camera module?It's simple, because the main camera &#8211; 48-megapixel, paired with an 8-megapixel wide-angle and a 5-megapixel with a depth sensor. The front one, by the way, is also wow - 32 MP.

Also, as I wrote above, a smartphone, in principle, tends to embellish reality. Therefore, pictures on a sunny day turn out as bright and rich as you can imagine.


















By default, when shooting, the camera decorates the personto the fullest, and to turn it off, it’s not enough to click on a separate menu item. Reducing the nose, enlarging the chin and eyes, improving facial tone, thinning the nose and chin, lengthening and slimming the legs, etc. — all points must be addressed separately, for both cameras. Otherwise, there is a risk of not recognizing yourself in the photo. The camera at the default settings eats up not only skin imperfections, but also such characteristic things as small moles, freckles, and removes fatigue from the face in one shot so that you can’t even immediately understand what exactly is twisted. In general, this is a good option for Photoshop lovers, but if you overdo it, you can deprive your appearance of all the outstanding features.

And one more nuance - for different "upgraders"The camera shows the optimum value. It’s better not to go for it, even if it seems that the eyes are not big enough, the face and nose are narrow, and the skin tone is even. Then the photographs will be noticeable if the algorithms are overdone, but it will be too late to fix.








An example of shooting with a wide-angle camera. And below - to the main one for comparison. On large open spaces it is more interesting to shoot on it, but the result is still better on the main 48-megapixel one.











Night photography. First gallery &#8211; without special mode, second &#8211; in night mode. Not Huawei, of course, but the special mode has an effect.
























An example of shooting in professional mode with small apertures.









In the evening in low light or in the woods during the dayThe camera is not lost and it turns out fine. By the way, unlike Huawei / Honor, where the night mode can help out even at dusk, here the camera normally copes with normal and it is better not to experiment.








I wonder what the camera can telloptimal shooting modes, and whether to choose them or not &#8211; it's up to the user. On the landscape &#8211; switch to wide-angle mode. In the dark - in the night. No intrusiveness from AI!

There is nothing to add about the selfie camera, except thatwrote above about embellishments. Vivo V15 Pro will make candy from any face, but natural features can be lost. And so - bright, cool, also a little distorted, if kept too close to the face. Due to the fact that the camera pops up, taking a selfie or checking makeup in secret from others will not work.





It seemed to me that the pop-up camera in this device is more reliable and slightly faster than in the P Smart Z. But maybe this difference is due to the fact that I had a commercial Vivo sample in my hands.

Example of video shooting. The camera maximum is 2160p@30fps or 1080p@60fps. In my opinion, everything is fine with stabilization here.

Photo in original resolution in the gallery on Torba.

In the dry residue

Vivo V15 Pro is a very emotional smartphone.From the looks to the ultra-vivid photos it takes. For me, a pleasant discovery was that the new brand (not for the world market, for the Ukrainian one) does not leave the feeling that “just a little more finishing touches with a file and then it will do.” No, this is a cool product from a mature brand that has managed to add a lot to its users.

My main complaint about this model is that it's badenergy efficiency optimization. In general, I’m not a fan of popup cameras because they take a long time and the design is unreliable, but this is a matter of taste. For those who take a selfie once every century, this solution may be optimal, because without a notch on the screen it is much more convenient. Moreover, the crashing camera did not become a reason to abandon facial recognition, and in general, data protection issues in the device were implemented well.

5 reasons to buy a Vivo V15 Pro:

  • you take little selfies;
  • you take a lot of selfies and take a steam bath to fix appearance flaws;
  • you like a bright design;
  • stable comfortable work;
  • large amount of RAM and internal memory, and the ability to expand memory using a microSD card without compromising the slot for a second SIM card.

2 reasons not to buy the Vivo V15 Pro:

  • not the best autonomy;
  • front camera design &#8211; not for everyone.

Technical characteristics of the smartphoneVivo V15 Pro

Super AMOLED 6.39&#8243;, 1080&#215;2312 pixels, 404 ppi

Dimensions and weight
157x75x8 mm, 197 g

Qualcomm SDM675 Snapdragon 675 (8 cores: 42&#215;2.0 GHz Kryo 460 Gold and 6&#215;1.7 GHz Kryo 460 Silver), Adreno 612 graphics

RAM 6 GB, ROM 128 GB + microSD up to 256 GB


Main 48 MP, F1.8, auxiliary (for blurring the background) 5 MP, F2.4, wide-angle 8 MP, F2.2

Front: 32 MP, pop-up


Wireless technology
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 and 5 GHz), Bluetooth 5.0 (aptX), NFC

non-removable, lithium polymer, 3700 mAh

operating system
Android 9.0 (Pie) with EMUI 9.0.1 add-on

SIM card
2 x nanoSIM

in-display fingerprint scanner, facial recognition system

Vivo V15 Pro

Youth smartphone with frameless screen and pop-up camera

Despite the fact that Vivo is a new player on ourmarket, this is another strong Chinese brand in smartphones with a long history and ambitious global plans. Vivo V15 Pro is a smartphone for a youth audience. A triple camera (with a 48-megapixel sensor), a 32-megapixel jumping front camera and a bright body design attract the attention of others. The smartphone has average technical characteristics and not the highest autonomy, but a camera worthy of attention for its price category.

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