"VKontakte" month does not allow the owners of communities to withdraw money

The owners of the communities on VKontakte complained that for a month they have not been able to withdraw the money received

from donations.

According to Roem, VK Donut works through the platformintegration of donations Boosty. And she organizes transactions with the help of YuMoney. In January, the Central Bank imposed restrictions on payments for YuMoney. After that, the withdrawal of funds to the card stopped working for VKontakte.

The problem is that on the VK Pay account, where you canit would be to keep money, there is a limit - 60 thousand rubles. Some social network communities earn more than hundreds of thousands of rubles a month on donations. If the amount of 60 thousand rubles is exceeded, the owner must withdraw the funds in 10 days, and if this is not done, then the remaining money can be obtained only through support.

VK Donut service suspended the withdrawal of funds to bank cards on January 13. A VKontakte spokesman told reporters that the problem would be resolved within a week.