Vodafone launched a new Vodafone Cloud service: the first 8 GB is free

Mobile operator Vodafone has launched a new service in Ukraine - Vodafone Cloud.

What it is

As it should

From the name, it is cloud storage.As is the case with other services, Vodafone Cloud allows you to store photos, music, contacts and other information from your phone on a remote server. The operator assures that the data is safe and the user will not lose access to it if he changes or loses his smartphone.

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How it works

The service is available only to Vodafone Ukraine subscribers.To do this, you need a smartphone running Google Android (version 4.4 and above) and Apple iOS (version 8 and above). There is also a web version of Vodafone Cloud.

First, you need to download the branded application and activate the service through it, and then select the appropriate tariff.

With the help of the “cloud” you can not only storeinformation, but also edit it, create your own playlists, listen to music offline and send files to your friends and colleagues, even if they are subscribers of another mobile operator.


Vodafone currently offers 4 tariffs, all depending on the amount of memory:

  • up to 8 GB - free
  • 64 GB - 30 UAH/month. or 1 UAH/day, traffic is not charged
  • 128 GB - 55 UAH/month. or 1.83 UAH/day, traffic is not charged
  • 512 GB - 110 UAH/month. or 3.67 UAH/day. traffic is not charged