VR steak and pizza from a tablet: what food from the movies you can already try

Insect food

Film & Food: Through the Snow Protein Plates

In the film "Through the Snow", dedicated to

full glaciation of the Earth, the life of people is preserved only in a huge constantly moving train. The tail carriages are ridden by the poor, who feed on protein plates from insects.

Film and Food: Blade Runner, Worm Farm

The film shows giant worm farms controlled by sophisticated computer systems.

Modern analogue of the product: Insect protein bars.

Now for the production of protein on the substrateinsect larvae are grown and then processed. This is done by a large number of startups in the world. The French company Ÿnsect produces protein from beetle larvae and attracted $ 204 million in investments in 2020. Insect protein supplements are used as feed in fish farms, in animal feed and as fertilizer in crop production.

For widespread use of insect protein inthe food industry for humans in the world does not yet have a regulatory framework. At the same time, not only the population of the Earth is growing, but also the consumption of protein. In the EU countries, certification of insect protein as a human food product will be possible by the mid-2020s. The first steps in this direction have already begun: in January 2021, the EU food safety agency found the yellow mealworm safe for human consumption.

Film and Food: The Matrix Protein Concentrate

In one of the scenes of the film, the heroes-guerrillas eat fromdeep bowls something like porridge. The heroes argue among themselves what this food tastes like: soft-boiled eggs, porridge or frog legs. In fact, it is a multicellular protein with added vitamins and amino acids - a protein concentrate.

Modern counterpart: powder products for complex nutrition.

Soylent is already on sale - powder mixprotein, fat and micronutrients. Drinks and bars are created on its basis. It is impossible to completely replace any other food with such products, since there is practically no dietary fiber in them. In addition, research shows that consistent consumption of these foods results in a lack of emotion in the eating process, food type, texture, and smell.

Traditional meat is already losing out in terms of benefits forhuman body protein supplements from insects. Also, protein ingredients can replace drugs. In the national cuisines of Asia (China, Thailand, India, Japan, Cambodia), Africa (Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Botswana, Uganda) and North America (Mexico), insect food has long been widespread.

Now humanity has begun to grow insects inindustrial conditions, nutrient media and organic waste. Until 2025, this market will add 37.5% per year, according to a study of the state and trends of the global FoodTech market of the EFKO group of companies, the Moscow Exchange and J’son & Partners Consulting. The key growth drivers will be the markets of Europe and Latin America.


Film and Food: Back to the Future 2, Mini Pizza

In the second part of the film "Back to the Future" momMarty McFly puts her palm-sized pizza into the oven and says, Hydrate to level four. Seconds later, she takes out a large, hot pizza for the whole family from the oven.

Film and Food: The Fifth Element, Hydrated Grilled Chicken

In an episode of studying the history of mankind over the past 5,000 years, the heroine of the film, Lilu, puts a pill in the microwave for a few seconds, and takes out a huge and hot chicken.

Modern counterpart: dishes for tourists.

Such products may be based on technologylyophilization - removal of moisture while preserving the structure of the ingredients. It is completely recreated after adding water. Lyofood and Mountainhouse make ready-made freeze-dried meals like a meat side dish. Just add boiling water before use. Such products have a long shelf life, so they are often used by tourists.

At the moment, technologies do not allow achievingmultiple increase or decrease in the volume of products. And the dishes are saturated with water by adding simple boiling water to the product or soaking it in water. These methods are not suitable for pizza. With the development of technology, it is possible that hygroscopic ingredients will be added to such products (it is they that significantly increase in volume when water is added). Probably, pizza from Back to the Future will become possible to cook in reality in 10-15 years.

Vegetable meat

Film and food: "Star Wars ", vegmeat

Mobile dry rations of stormtroopers from the universeStar Wars included veggie, a compressed mixture of nutritious vegetables with added nearly all vitamins. Also in the films, you can see the powder, which turns into a piece of bread in a few seconds after interacting with water.

Modern counterpart: vegetable and cellular meat.

Today, vegetable meat is made on the basis oftextured protein, it must be cooked like regular meat before eating. This herbal product can only be stored frozen. There are no analogues to bread made from a handful of powder yet. In the composition of such a product, presumably, there should be hygroscopic ingredients that will significantly increase in volume when water is added; ingredients that will form the porous structure of bread, and a flavoring composition that will recreate its taste and smell. Some analogs of stormtrooper food today exist in army dry rations: for example, in the vegetarian kits of the US army there are vegetable crackers.

Startups Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have succeededattract US consumers to plant-based meats. Especially such products became relevant during the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, when large meat production facilities were closed due to the illness of workers. Russian restaurant chains have already added plant-based meat to their menu: White Rabbit offered Beyond Meat meat to guests in April 2019; T.G.I. Friday's - in September 2019; KFC has announced its intention to 3D print chicken meat.

In the fall of 2020, in the project of EFKO shareholders “Foodof the future ”the first similar product appeared - a highburger (from the English Healthy Innovations -“ healthy innovations ”). Most often people are interested in it who want to reduce their intake of animal protein. Based on marketing research, the company planned to produce 28,000 tonnes of plant-based meat by the end of 2021 and 40,000 tonnes by 2022. It is assumed that the company's products will occupy less than 0.5% of the meat market. In early 2021, the highburger appeared in chain stores.

Greenhouses in megacities

Film and Food: The Martian Potato Growing

The hero of the film, engineer and biologist Mark Watney, managed to get a potato crop on Mars. In fact, the movie is about the usual cultivation of vegetables, humanity already has more serious technologies.

Modern counterpart: vertical farm

Multi-storey greenhouse - the basis of the conceptmodern vertical farms. Vegetables and greens with a short growing season in them are grown using hydroponic or aeroponic technologies. In such greenhouses, salads, spices, berries, flowers can be cultivated.

A number of companies produce ready-made complexesvertical greenhouses: American Urban Crop Solutions, Ural AgroTechFarm. Grow Pod provides substrates with added essential ingredients for growing your crops. The Russian company iFarm has created the iFarm Growtune platform for greenhouse management: humidity, temperature, light and carbon dioxide levels.

Virtual reality and scent diffuser

Film and Food: The Matrix, Virtual Reality Steak

In one of the scenes of the cult 1999 film, the heroCypher Reagan tastes the steak and says he understands it's not real. “And when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix will taste it,” he adds. - Do you know what I decided during those 10 years that I was free? Happiness is in ignorance. " The steak scene is in stark contrast to the one in which the guerrillas eat a mushy protein gourd.

Modern counterpart: in developing.

Replay the steak scene from The MatrixPossibly: the potential development of technologies for stimulating areas of the cerebral cortex could create a simulation of taste sensations. And VR technologies - visualization of appetizing food while consuming a nutritious concentrate. The American startup Project Nourished is already working in this direction. To recreate the sensation of eating delicious food, the developers use a VR headset, an aroma diffuser (a device that simulates the chewing sounds transmitted from the chewing mouth to the eardrum), gyroscopic dishes and tasteless food, printed on a 3D printer. The development of the sum of these technologies will allow, for example, diabetics have "everything" they want - to maintain a good mood.

What food trends of the future haven't been shown to us in the movies

Now humanity is experiencing a moment of itselfrapid and serious transformation of the food industry under the influence of modern technologies. In addition, the world's population will grow to 9.7 billion people by 2050, which could lead not only to food shortages and hunger, but also a climate disaster.

Alternative proteins. Vegetable sources and biomass of insects will be more activeused to create protein ingredients instead of animal proteins. An example is already Brave Robot ice cream. It is free of lactose, cholesterol, hormones and antibiotics. At the same time, biotechnological milk protein is used for its preparation. Developers from the United States, Israel and Russia have already presented vegetable meat that does not differ from animal in appearance, taste and texture.

Economic efficiency is also changingproduction of alternative protein: by 2030 it will cost 10 times cheaper than an animal. In this case, the alternative will be more nutritious, tastier, and more varied. It is important that the production of vegetable protein reduces the environmental burden and the volume of greenhouse gas emissions.

Classic sugar will disappear. It will be replaced by the rare sugars allulose and tagatose.They have a lower calorie content, do not harm the tooth enamel, and do not differ in taste from ordinary sugar. Sweet proteins will also be an effective sweetener.

Personalized food. Startup DayTwo has developed an algorithmic diet withfood recommendations based on personal analysis of the gut microbiome. In general, more and more people in the world are taking tests to determine the tendency to allergies, deficiencies of vitamins, microelements, fixing genetic characteristics for which specialized nutrition is important. Humanity is gradually moving towards individual nutrition. The stores already have sports, children's, food for women.

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