Wacom Cintiq 13HD: Now it's a pen display with 13 ″ Full HD for $ 1000 (in the USA)

Before the advent of the iPad (we know that the tablets existed before him, but still) tablets were called

Wacom professional graphics devices. Now, in order not to cause confusion, the Japanese began to call their products interactive pen displays and as if on this occasion they released the Cintiq 13HD with a 13-inch screen with LED backlighting and resolution in Full HD, looking like a dwarf against the background of giant 22HD, 24HD and 24HD Touch.

The heir to the 12WX model also got a removablea three-tilt stand, a wireless Pro Pen (the one that doesn’t have batteries) with 2048 pressure levels and tilt sensitivity. Of course, the ability to customize the frequently used keyboard shortcuts in the menu of four ExpressKeys, Rocker Ring rings and Home buttons has not gone anywhere. Finally, a 3-in-1 cable is now included in the package in order not to suffer from the constant connection of two or three cables to a computer, as you used to do before (I wonder how much time will pass before they completely get rid of the wires, except for charging ).

Small size - lower price. So, in the US, an excellent gadget for beginning artists will be offered for $ 1000 excluding taxes (30,000 rubles, or almost 8,200 UAH), starting in April.

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