Warface will not be the same: a new class, improved network code and Arena mode will be added to the game

Blackwood Games took up the development of the Warface shooter and published a roadmap with plans for the development of the game.

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The developers announced a new fighter -a humanoid robot named SED, which uses a machine gun and a hand grenade launcher with light and noise charges. The fighter is distinguished by strong armor, as well as the ability to jump over high obstacles. In the character's minuses, you can record a low level of health and speed.

Warface players will receive a character for free, and before the final release of a fighter, you can try it out on test servers.

The developers will also finalize the technical partgames. Blackwood Games created a separate team, which from scratch is developing a system for recording hits and synchronizing the movement of players. Until the end of 2019, the Mars temporary map will also pop into the game, on which fighters can shoot from blasters.

Warface will also add a polygon with additionaltraining, as well as a superstructure that will reflect damage to parts of the body. There will be a cooperative PvE-mode "Arena", where players will fight off waves of enemies. The developers also promise a new combat pass and themed events for Halloween and New Year.

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