Wargaming has announced special editions of World of Warships: Legends with bonuses

World of Warships: Legends will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 16, but some players will be able to join the battle for seven

days earlier.

What is known

Wargaming has announced premium editions of the game, for which gamers will receive a starting set of equipment and resources, as well as early access to WoW: Legends.

The Premium edition for 879 hryvnia will allow you to start the game with 1500 doubloons in your account, a weekly premium account and third-tier cruisers Arkansas and Iwaki.

By purchasing the Delux edition for 1,799 UAH, the player receives “Premium” content, the Tier 4 cruiser Marblehead, 30 days of a premium account, and 200 thousand credits.

Ultimate edition (3,299 UAH) combines contentprevious versions, and the three cruisers will be joined by the fourth-tier destroyer "Thundering". The player will also receive a set of boosters, 60 days of premium account, 4,000,000 credits and 6,000 doubloons.

The Premium, Deluxe and Ultimate editions will be available until May 1st in limited editions.

If you have forgotten

World of Warships:Legends is the console version of the team-based MMO action game World of Warships. Players will also have to conquer the seas on historical warships, participating in naval battles, but now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.