Wargaming gives out free 14-day access to World of Tanks premium account during quarantine

Due to the ongoing epidemic of coronavirus, many countries have introduced the so-called quarantine regime. ABOUT

growth indicators in this period have already reportedvarious streaming services, such as Netflix and YouTube, and now it has become known that game manufacturers are also adjusting to the “home mode” of users.

So, the game developer Wargaming officiallyannounced that the company is distributing as much as 14-day free access to the World of Tanks premium account. Also, the Belarusian company reminds users of the need to maintain hygiene: wash their hands not only before eating, but also after being on the street.

Recall that some time ago it becameIt is known that YouTube and Netflix will “cut off” the standard video quality on their services due to the request of representatives of the European Commission. According to officials, otherwise the capacities of European Internet providers may simply not be enough due to the influx of users during the quarantine period.