Wargaming unites: in World of Warships: Legends will add a common multiplayer for PS4 and Xbox One

Wargaming decided to keep up with the trends, uniting players from different platforms in World of Warships: Legends.

What is known

Already in November at the World of Warships: Legends will feature a cross play between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players from different platforms will now be able to fight together or against each other on shared servers, but with one caveat.

General multiplayer only works through the "selectionplayers. " So you can’t directly interact with other gamers in the chat or assemble a team in advance. Players from another platform will be marked with a symbol next to the name on the tactical map, statistics screen after the battle and in the profile.

Launch shared multiplayer on the PlayStation 4 andXbox One is November 25th. Cross play can be activated and deactivated in the game settings. On PS4, the function is activated by default, and players with the Xbox will have to go into the settings.

To check if the option is enabled, you mustgo to Settings -> Account -> Privacy and Security on the Internet -> View information and configure -> Communication and multi-user mode. Next, select the option “You can play with other people outside the Xbox Live service” and click “Allow”

Recall that the console of World of Warships: Legends came out on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One back in April 2019. Now the game has more than 200 historical ships, including destroyers, cruisers and battleships, as well as more than 20 naval commanders. The game is free, but paid kits are available for players to help at the start.

Together with the addition of cross-play in World of Warships: Legends will appear and three new cards. After the update, Tierra del Fuego and the Atlantic will be available for ships of V – VII levels, as well as a Trap for ships of IV – VI levels.

Learn more about the update on the official game page on Facebook.

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