Warner Music - the world's first label that has signed a contract with artificial intelligence

Warner Music music label, which has contracts with Madonna, Ed Sheeran, Metallica and others.

famous performers, for the first time in history concluded an agreement with artificial intelligence.

What it is

Contract signed with the developers of the algorithmEndel. This is a German service that creates individual sound tracks that help you relax, have a good rest and sleep. In this application analyzes the pulse and location of the user, uses data about the weather and time of day.

Endel is now available on both smartphones and Amazon Echo smart speakers.

What's next

This year, the AI ​​should record 20 albums. 5 of them are already ready: these are the plates “Silent Night”, “Rainy Night”, “Cloudy Day”, “Cloudy Night” and “Foggy Morning”. The following albums will focus on the tracks for concentration and travel.

Investors were DJ Jillionaire from Major Lazer’s trio and Amazon Alexa virtual assistant fund.

"We create personalized audio recordings, butsure that the listeners will like pre-recorded albums. So we will be able to demonstrate the power of music and technology, ”said Endel creator Oleg Stavitsky.

“I’m sure that listeners who willusing these new albums will be pleased with the reduction in anxiety and mood improvement, ”said Kevin Gore, head of the artistic recording department at Warner Music.