WarpDrive: Hong Kong team develops ultra-compact 1 TB 2 TB SSD

Recently, a campaign was launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to support three guys from China who

took on the task of creating an SSD the size of a lighter. The disk capacity, according to the authors, is 1 or 2 terabytes.

What is the feature?

The dimensions of the device are simply amazing - 65 x 25 x 10millimeters. Weight - only 29 grams. The disk is resistant to mechanical damage and protected against moisture according to IP67 rating. In addition, it comes with a silicone case that protects the case and connectors. The filling case itself is made of aluminum, which greatly reduces the likelihood of overheating of the device. We didn’t forget about the high-speed characteristics - the drive transfers up to 850 megabytes per second via the USB Type-C connector. Support has already been announced for many popular devices and operating systems: from the obvious Windows and MacOS to the iPad Pro and Android. The developers offer extensive functionality not only for storing data, but also for working in different environments: you can install Windows on the disk and use it with a Mac or MacBook.

When will it go on sale?

The start of mass production is planned forJanuary 2020, and those who supported the project with hard currency (a minimum of $ 120 is required for the device to be sent to you) will receive their WarpDrive in March.