Warsaw gameplay published: tactical RPG about Nazis and Polish resistance

The IGN channel published a 13-minute demonstration of the gameplay of the tactical role-playing game Warsaw. Looks like the same is waiting for us

Darkest Dungeon, but with guns and in the entourage of the Second World War.

Almost exact copy

Developers from the Polish studio Pixelated Milk decided not to bother and almost completelyrepeated gameplay and visual style of the original. Of the really serious innovations, we can call a change in the mission: unlike Darkest Dungeon, for each level we are given a limited amount of time points that we can spend on completing secondary tasks and other random events. The rest of the game seems to be a complete carbon copy. We hope that closer to the release of the developers will show more new.

Warsaw will appear on the PC, PS4 and Switch on September 4 of this year.