Washington will completely switch to green energy by 2045

The bill has now returned to the Senate for a final vote. After signing Washington

will join Hawaii, California and New Mexico as the fourth state to commit to 100% clean energy for its residents.

The document opposes the use of coal, in itsThe text states that this is “the state policy on the elimination of electricity, which is obtained after burning. Calling for the energy to come from carbon-free sources by 2045, it leaves much room for the development of nuclear energy, the Washington Post notes. But with a large amount of hydropower resources, the US already receives about three-quarters of its electricity from hydropower and thriving renewable energy. The state is likely to rely on these resources more than on expensive nuclear power plants.

Greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow despite green energy boom

In addition to emission reduction commitments,The bill also aims to ensure the transition to renewable energy sources and prevent a reduction in energy prices for the poor. The bill says that utilities "must allocate funds to provide energy assistance to low-income families"

“We have a set of rules that we will adopt: 100% clean network, zero standards of building codes, elimination of super-pollutants, electrification of transport systems, ”said Governor of Washington, Jay Insley.