Watch the first System Shock 3 trailer straight from the GDC 2019

Studio OtherSide Entertainment, which gamers know for the Underworld series, presented the first System Shock 3 trailer.

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Videos shown on GDC 2019 during the presentationUnity, to demonstrate the capabilities of the engine. System Shock 3 looks good, but in the future the graphics may change. Still, they showed the audience a “pre-alpha version” of the game. The date System Shock 3 was never named.

Recall that System Shock 3 was announced back in2015 Then the gamers were told that the development began, and the creators of the Underworld Ascendant took up the project. A year later, Warren Spector, who worked on the original System Shock, as well as Deus Ex, Disney Epic Mickey and the Ultima series, joined the team. Now gamers were shown the first shots from the game.