Watch the gameplay of Dying Light 2 in 4K: crime and punishment with zombies

The Poles from Techland conducted the broadcast, during which they showed the new gameplay Dying Light 2.

What showed

The developers once again reminded the players that theyYou have to constantly make difficult decisions that affect the world of the game or the path. From the very first minutes, the main character is faced with a choice - to stay with a wounded comrade or to chase a truck with attackers. At the end of the “demo”, the character had to make a more global choice, which, spoiler, really influenced the game world.

The core of the gameplay all also consists ofparkour and battles. The main character has not lost the ability to run on walls and is also deftly able to climb high ground. The arsenal also has a modified melee and ranged weapon. What weapons to use will tell the situation.

Dying Light 2 will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2020. While you wait, watch 26 minutes of gameplay in 4K: