Watch the Olympics in Comfort - Three Helpful Tips for Choosing a Router for Watching Live Streams

Typical problems when watching online broadcasts can be video slowdown, frame tearing, or

pixelation of the image. They are caused by a weak or unstable signal or an imperfect home network setup. How to deal with this, now we will figure it out.

You can avoid a drop in bitrate by connectingTV using an Ethernet network cable. But a wired connection is not always convenient - what if you want to view events on your laptop or tablet in order to be as mobile as possible within your own apartment?

Maximum attention is definitely needed devote to the choice of a router. Moreover, you need to navigate not just the “the cooler the better” format, but you should look for specific opportunities that will come in handy in this particular situation.

Availability of traffic prioritization (QoS) function in the router.
Thanks to the capabilities of QoS technology, you can prioritize streaming video traffic so that other downloads or traffic from other devices does not affect the transmission speed.

Wi-Fi standard 6.
The new data transfer standard in routers is notonly increases the connection speed, but with the help of OFDMA technology, it optimizes the simultaneous data transfer when a large number of different devices are connected to the network.

AiMesh support.
Combining routers into a single network usingASUS proprietary AiMesh technology avoids blind spots and weak signal zones. A seamless coverage is also guaranteed, that is, the online broadcast will not be interrupted if you decide to move from the room to the kitchen with a laptop.

Choosing routers that support these threetechnologies, you can get more pleasure from watching online sports broadcasts, as well as using streaming services without waiting for content buffering.