Watch weather station Xiaomi on electronic ink

In the ecosystem Xiaomi replenishment! The company has released a multifunctional clock with temperature sensors and

humidity. A distinctive feature of the device is the display on electronic ink (E-ink), information from which is perfectly visible at any angle. Online device is called Xiaomi Mijia Digital Hygrometer Clock. Let's start a detailed review!

Weather station Xiaomi

This device is designed for accurate tracking.indoor climate. Sensirion's high precision sensors are responsible for measuring temperature and humidity. Due to the presence of the Bluetooth wireless protocol, data from the device is transmitted to the smartphone, in parallel it can work in the smart home system.


Appearance - minimalism. The weather station watch from Xiaomi will easily fit into any interior! The body is made of ABS plastic. The large E-ink display (3.7 ”diagonal) has no backlight, but it has an excellent viewing angle and high contrast. The display is protected by glass from PMMA plastic. The manufacturer has thought of several options for installing / mounting Xiaomi Mijia Temperature And Humidity Electronic Watch. Included is a magnet on scotch 3M and a special stand for placement on a horizontal surface.


According to the manufacturer, the weather station Xiaomi is perfect for placement in the following locations:

  • kitchen room
  • children
  • office
  • bathroom
  • greenhouse

But this does not limit the options for its use, in addition, the presence of smart features allows you to use the Mijia Temperature and Humidity Monitor Clock in smart home scenarios.


  1. Synchronization with a smartphone (including time). View history readings, view current values.
  2. Storage of information on temperature and humidity over the past 6 months.
  3. Integration into the system of smart home Mi Home. Interacting with other system devices, such as a humidifier, air conditioning, and even lighting. Who has such devices - will appreciate!



E-ink, 3.7 "

4.0 BLE

Time, temperature, humidity, climatic conditions (in the form of a smiley)

Humidity range
0 ~ 99.9%

Temperature range
0-60 ° C

88 × 33 × 10.1 mm

2 CR2032 batteries

60 grams


If you want to complement the interior of your apartment,An office or some other room with a stylish smart device, then a watch with a temperature and humidity sensor Xiaomi Mijia Digital Hygrometer Clock will be an excellent choice. The device is very compact, has a beautiful clear display. High-quality components guarantee not only accurate measurements, but also a long service life. A device I recommend to purchase, a worthwhile thing!


The cost of hours in China is about $ 15, which is quitejustified for such a smart device. Buy Mijia Digital Hygrometer Clock is not a problem, most major online stores have this model in their offer catalog.

Link to the weather station clock