“We do not have budget devices”: OnePlus is categorically against advertising in its gadgets

Many smartphone manufacturers (primarily Xiaomi) add advertising to their firmware in order to

increase profits or reduce the price tag of the device itself. However, this is not OnePlus: the company is completely against advertising.

What they say

OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau said this in a recent interview.

“There are no advertisements on our gadgets, but we can sell them a little more expensive and make money from it. We do not strive to create budget devices. Our priority is the balance between quality and price"

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According to Lau, OnePlus is adding new features,only if the user needs them. But advertising on smartphones and other gadgets is not only unnecessary, it also irritates the owners. Therefore, there is no and will not be advertising in Oxygen OS and on the manufacturer’s devices.

"The differences between high-end smartphonesand the usual lies in the details. If you even once try a gadget whose display refresh rate is 90 Hz, you will not be able to go back to 60 Hz. A million-dollar car is valuable not because it has an incredibly powerful engine, but because the developers paid maximum attention to the details and the quality of their execution,” summed up the head of the company.