Let's dot the i's: Samsung Galaxy Note III and Galaxy Fonblet will receive 5.9″ and 6.3″ screens

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Large screens &#8211; a thing so contagious that even Apple can’t resist it&#8230;

Remember the Samsung gamepad for

smartphones?The maximum screen size supported by its mount is &#8211; 6.3 inches. Because of this, speculation arose that the Samsung Galaxy Note III will receive a display of exactly this size. In short, delirium on nonsense drives. Fortunately, today the first data has appeared confirming the existence of a 6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Fonblet, which accidentally appeared on the official website of the Korean giant.

If this diagonal is already occupied by a smartphone,which is closest to being a tablet, what will the Note III have? And here's the answer: based on the same rumors, last week the bosses of one of the American operators were shown (or will be shown) 5.9&#8243; device (most likely a dummy). Actually, this is what was required to prove the absurdity of the sharp &#8220;inflating&#8221; diagonals from 5.5 to 6.3, while the option with 5.9&#8243; It will also allow you to make a trick with your ears, as in the case of the Galaxy S4, namely, increasing the screen while reducing the dimensions of the device. Oh yes, let's leave another portion of rumors for dessert: they say that the third generation of Note will have a new type of display that does not break. I want to believe about the new type, but in any case, it will most likely be a little better than the S4, if the tradition created by its predecessors remains.

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