We found the most addictive and high-quality computer games for the period of self-isolation

So, you are sitting at home (and doing it right). You have not lost your job (I hope!) And continue to be active

activity thanks to modern technology. But rest, after all, is sometimes necessary. Here it’s not even gamers who begin to stare - but what would it play? That's what!

Gloomy Forecast: Death Stranding

As soon as a pandemic came, manyremembered the meme "Kojima - a genius." And for good reason. In his game Death Stranding, which was released on PlayStation 4 at the end of 2019 (and scheduled to be released on PC in June 2020), game designer Hideo Kojima just showed the world after a big catastrophe (though there were some mystics there), in which the heroes were simple couriers.