We have cookies! Editorial gg seeks padawan (again)

Sooner or later this happens. And here we are again looking for a person who wants to become part of the teamgg. If you

young, energetic, love technology and wantwriting about her is not boring. If you have been reading our site for a long time and dream of the same job. If you like to stay up at night and spend most of your time on the Internet, you should write to us.

Who are we looking for?

  • ideally the readerggwho knows us and understands how we work and what we write / do not write about
  • speaks English at the level of "read and understand with the dictionary"
  • who dreams of becoming a professional journalist and is ready to begin the journey from the first step
  • curious, greedy for information and absorbing news like a sponge water
  • not necessarily living in Kiev (our news authors do not live in the capital)
  • an interesting storyteller - if you like to tell jokes, are the life of the party and know how to tell stories, we will definitely work together
  • fluent in Russian (this is a prerequisite, if you have a triple in language - this door is closed for you)
  • a person capable of doing something better than us - there are many topics where you can turn around

What do we give?

  • Work in a team of one of the best IT sites in Russian
  • valuable and unique experience, which is useful in life whatever you do
  • relatively free work schedule (it is not necessary to go to the office and work from fence to lunch)
  • career opportunities - we always have room to grow
  • fair pay (work outside the schedule is paid separately)

What will you need to do?

We are looking for a newbie (without experience, iflack of experience is compensated by enthusiasm and desire to learn), so you will need to start with the news. This is a rather routine (albeit creative) work in which you can manifest and refine such qualities as perseverance, efficiency, quick mind and easy language. As our experience grows, we will be ready to give more complex and interesting tasks. And we will also take into account the desire and useful skills of a particular person. That is, if he offers to do something useful than we do not do or are doing less than it would be worth, any initiative will be supported on our part.

It's me, what do I need to do?

Send a letter to[email protected]with the topic “vacancy” and accompanying text -what you can do and why you want to work with us. Add links to your work that will allow you to evaluate your knowledge and skills. It can be anything - a personal blog, a website, or even a YouTube channel, the only important thing is that the work is your own. Write about yourself - where you live, what your hobbies are and what technology-related topics are of personal interest to you. We will definitely answer every letter, but we would like to warn you right away that we do not live with a neuroshunt in our heads and a constant connection to the Internet, so the response will take some time (usually a day or two, excluding weekends). If you don’t have such publications, but have an interest in the topic of technology and are a good storyteller, you can demonstrate your skills by opening a blog on a gadget (we’ll tell you how) and already see your name on our pages.

If you have something to say to this world and make it a little better and more interesting, we will be glad to see you on the pagesggin any capacity.