We pay money for the review

User experience is priceless! And we are ready to pay for it! You often buy equipment, you are interested

new products, technology and just get pleasure from a bargain? Then you definitely have something to tell!

Product Overview

Editorial site tech-touch.ru is looking for authors who can share the experience of using various high-tech products (from smartphones and technology to innovative clothing). We will pay for each review, the minimum cost. 500 rubles, depending on the complexity of the product being reviewed.

How it works?

  1. Make a request for a review of the product, observing all the points
  2. We consider the application within a few hours and give an answer
  3. We agree on all the details of the review, payment, and you start work



  • The review should be unique and published only on our resource.
  • written correctly, set out in an understandable form
  • the product being reviewed should be available to you, live, unique photos should be used in the review
  • we have a review structure template, you should stick to it - it speeds up the work and eliminates nuances. If the structure is not respected - send for revision

I want to work!

It's fine! We value literate and punctual and are ready for continuous cooperation. Quality - the main indicator of the review, if it is constant, then we award reviewers!

What to review?

The priority technique of popular brands, whichrelevant and in demand among consumers. For example, Xiaomi, their gadgets at the peak of popularity! And there are a lot of such brands! In general, you understand, and if questions remain, then just leave a request, we will contact you!