Wearable displays instead of folding smartphones?

The Korean manufacturer Samsung has not released the world's first folding smartphone with a flexible display, Galaxy Fold, and

it is unknown whether the project will be completed,But the fact that the company is already planning further projects in the post-smartphone era means that the consumer is unlikely to wait for a flip phone. However, the head of the company added a little more fuel to the fire, noting that, despite the not very confident situation with the Galaxy Fold model, which has somewhat slowed down the development of the folding device segment, this category of gadgets will contribute in the transition period from the traditional design of smartphones beyond its limits.

Foldable smart phones for long

According to him, put a lot on foldingsmartphones are not worth it, since this is a form factor a couple of years. Next, smartphones will be pushed out by more advanced devices based on 5G technology. And here the high-speed networks? And despite the fact that new devices will work more with artificial intelligence, and rely on the infrastructure of the ever-expanding Internet of things. All previous years since the appearance of the first brick gadget (more than ten years ago), it has been marked by the era of smartphones. The current year or the next can be considered the beginning of the era of the Internet of things, because a new generation network has emerged that holds high loads and high speeds. That is, artificial intelligence will now be available as well as many other technologies that are mixed, and a new era will begin.

Gradual transition

Also a Korean businessman said that people willmove from folding smartphones to wearable devices smoothly and seamlessly. It will take about five years, and people will not even understand what they carry flexible displays on their hands, and that once it was different. Smartphones as a class will simply disappear, completely new devices will replace them. Of course, such comments from the manufacturer of a failed folding smartphone sound like a stretch, however, there is some grain in it.

As for the Galaxy Fold, there have already been manyprofessional analysis of the situation, the analysis of all factors. We also recalled the words of some experts, and even from Samsung, about the untimely release of such a smartphone, it was launched too early. This was due to the stir that had arisen around the race for the leadership. It turned out that folding smartphones are not very eager for the modern consumer, in any case, for the most part, he is not ready to pay that kind of money for the opportunity to lay down his smartphone. Now a lot of efforts are being made to ensure that the folding smartphone of the first generation still sees the light. But some experts do not believe this, they argue that the company simply buried the project.

Nevertheless, the head of the mobile division, addressing fans and those who made pre-orders, give the company a little time to re-release was perfect.