Well, this is too much: Ubisoft criticized Valve because of its policies on Steam

The latest Ubisoft games have bypassed Steam, settling on the virtual shelves of Uplay and the Epic Games Store. It's all to blame

Valve's policy, which asks developers30% of the income for placement in your store, while epics take only 12%. Ubisoft did not comment on its position for a long time, but the company’s vice president broke the silence.

What is known

In an interview with The New York Times, Chris Earlyspoke out about Valve's policies. According to a Ubisoft employee, it’s time for Steam bosses to change their views regarding revenue sharing, because in 2019 it doesn’t look realistic.

“The business model they are following is not realistic. This does not reflect the real state of affairs in terms of game distribution,” Early said of Valve.

Plus, Ubisoft is happy to be beating Steamside. At a recent meeting, the company's CEO Yves Guillemot said that cooperation with Epic Games helped increase the Uplay audience. In addition, The Division 2 collected more pre-orders on PC than the first part, so the experiment with the move turned out to be successful.