What changes will the new iPhone 2019 get?

There are more and more rumors about new iPhones that will be released in 2019.Some of them are too much

new details were shared by the authoritative Bloomberg resource.It is reported that the new iPhones will be able to charge the wireless headphones Apple AirPods themselves, and will also receiveA number of changes to the camera.

iPhone 2019: what's new?

So, here is a list of new details about the future Apple flagships from reputable journalists from Bloomberg:

    • Apple will release three new iPhones that will...look the same as its predecessors, except for the cameras. The new generation of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will receive a triple camera system, and the next successor iPhone Xr will have a dual camera.
    • The new generation of iPhones will be half a millimeter thicker than its predecessors.
    • Third camera on the following iPhone XS and iPhone XSMax will be represented by an ultra wide angle lens providing a wider range of magnification. The second rear camera on the next iPhone XR will also increase the zoom.
    • The new generation of phones will receive a faster A13 chip, which will be supplied by TSMC. Test production began in April, mass production will begin in May.
    • All three new items will receive a new feature that will allow users to charge the latest AirPods and other devices, placing them on the back of the device.
    • Apple is also working on the "auto-correction function."

At the moment there is no information on how it will bebe called new iPhone models: iPhone 11 or iPhone XI. But we are sure that they will be presented in September according to the tradition that has developed over the years. And almost immediately go on sale in the countries of the first wave, where Russia will not go, most likely.