What color to buy iPad Air or iPad mini 5: silver, space gray or gold?

Updated iPad Air and iPad mini 2019 can be ordered now. If you decide to purchase one of the new

tablets, now you need to decide what colorchoose. Of course, choosing a color is a matter of taste, but we will try to help you make a decision. You have three options: silver, gray space and gold.

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1. Silver

This is a classic color. If you buy an iPad as a gift, choose this color, because it is the most neutral. The silver model has a white front panel, which is very convenient for reading e-books and articles on the iPad. White frames around the screen will not disturb you. However, if you plan to watch a lot of videos, we advise you to choose the color of gray space with black frames.

2. Gray space

Gray space - a darker version. It has a black front panel. This color is recommended for those who plan to work a lot for the iPad. His body will not be evident, and you can focus on what is happening on the screen. Be it a working draft, a game or a movie. Although this option will not fade like gold, there will be more scratches on it.

3. Golden

The golden version is definitely not for everyone. Apple's gold color is quite gender-neutral and beautiful. If you are tired of silver and gray gadgets, gold will be an excellent option for you. The gold tablet will have white frames around the screen. In addition, the gold tablet will look great in a transparent case.