What diseases can not eat buckwheat porridge

Dietitian, endocrinologist Natalya Lazurenko warned people with intestinal diseases from

uncontrolled use of buckwheat porridge. Discuss

Due to the substances contained in this cereal, peoplewith gastrointestinal disorders, there may be flatulence, heartburn, rumbling. The doctor added that if a person suffers from irritable bowel syndrome, dysbacteriosis, bacterial overgrowth or lack of pancreatic enzymes, the body may not adequately perceive buckwheat.

If a person seeks to normalize metabolism, then it is better for a Greek to eat without sugar, milk, butter and other additives. It is better to add berries, fruits, or dried fruits to the porridge.

But if there are no health problems, then you can eat buckwheat with milk and butter. Lazurenko also reminded that buckwheat should be soaked before cooking.

“The grains have a protective mechanism - phyticacid. Fine-tuned intestines, due to lifestyle, cannot always adequately perceive it. After using such a product, rumbling, bloating, and pain in the intestines are possible. Therefore, there is a general recommendation - to soak cereals, that is, to carry out fermentation. After that, use the cereal at your discretion, ”the specialist recommended.

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