What does a smartphone with a battery of 18,000 mAh look like?

The well-known company Energizer, which we all know from batteries and rechargeable batteries, recently released a new

line of smartphones. And one of them is of the greatest interest, since it has a built-in battery with a capacity of 18,000 mAh. The full line of phones was demonstrated at Mobile World Congress, but we want to share with you photos of only one device.

Energizer Power Max P18K Pop

The smartphone is called Energizer Power Max P18K Pop. And apparently, without exaggeration, it resembles a brick. The phone looks like it is a power supply, and a screen is attached to it. For comparison, the Power Max P18K Pop battery is five times larger than the iPhone XS Max battery, which has a capacity of 3174 mAh.

We do not know the exact dimensions of the device, but it is known that its thickness is about 18 mm, although it seems even thicker in the photographs. Weight is also not called, but, apparently, the telephone is not easy.

There is only one plus of this gadget - a bigbattery life. Power Max P18K Pop can last for several days without the need for recharging, and its battery life is unparalleled among other modern smartphones on the market. Energizer confidently states that you can watch videos for two days, listen to 100 hours of music or talk on the phone for 90 hours. In standby mode, the phone runs for about 50 days.

In addition to the battery in this model, nothing moreno remarkable. The filling is devoid of zest. There is a rather mediocre 2 GHz processor from MediaTek. 6 GB of RAM, 6.2 inch display. The main camera in the back has 3 lenses, a pop-up dual camera for selfie in front. The phone is also not protected from water in any way and has no protection against shocks.

Is it possible to find the use of such a phone with an insane battery in everyday life? Sure you may. Especially if you are often away from power sources. This is where he will help you out.

In June, the manufacturer is going to start selling Power Max P18K Pop. Attention, its price will be about 682 dollars.