What foods are "absolute poison" for cats

Veterinarian Mikhail Shelyakov warned that sharing human food with pets is not

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In particular, dangerous for a cat or dog canbe a piece of chocolate. “Chocolate contains an alkaloid. In humans, it causes euphoria and excitement, but for dogs and cats, it is a deadly poison. The same applies to grapes. It puts a heavy strain on the kidneys and can poison a dog. Also, everything salty, smoked and spicy is prohibited. Absolute poison is, for example, shish kebab. Do not give animals frankly sweet foods. Not immediately, but over time, a sugar-rich diet can lead to serious health problems. Still, dogs and cats have a protein type of food. Meat contains about 50 percent protein, about the same amount of fat and up to one percent carbohydrates. Glucose or sucrose for animals are specific substances to which they are not evolutionarily adapted,” Shelyakov said.

Also, animals, and especially birds, should not be given alcohol. Unsweetened fruits and vegetables can occasionally be given to your pets.