What foods are the main enemies of the diet

Dietitian Elena Solomatina spoke about foods that are the enemy of any diet, because

enhance taste and smell, after a person wants to eat as much as possible. Discuss

According to the nutritionist, the point is not in specific products, but in flavor enhancers. It is salt and monosodium glutamate.

In its natural form, sodium is found in the form of a salt of glutamic acid - in freshly prepared foods. In the added form - in canned food and semi-finished products.

The doctor noted that drinks can also greatly stimulate appetite. To avoid this, it is worth giving up all types of sodas and freshly squeezed juices.

“Even the smell of fried barbecue encourages us to eatmore than usual. And sausages, fast food and chips are stuffed with this flavor enhancer. I advise you to avoid this salt and reduce its consumption as much as possible, ”Solomatina emphasized.

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