What Foods Help You Feel Less Worried?

Nutritionist, candidate of medical sciences Rimma Moisenko told what foods you need to eat in order to

be less nervous. Discuss

According to her, anxiety is reduced by foods rich in magnesium - berries, nuts and vegetables. Magic is also found in white meat, turkey, chicken and rabbit.

The doctor also noted that for the nervous systemuseful foods containing vitamin C. It can be pumpkin and carrots. And in general, according to Moisenko, to calm down, you can add brightly colored foods to the diet.

“Foods that contain magnesium are melon,vegetables, nuts. If we have one handful of nuts a day, this is good, if we have 500 grams of vegetable fiber, this is good, if we have some soothing herbs - lemon balm, chamomile, valerian root - this is good, ”said the doctor.

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Source: Radio 1