What happens to the Samsung Galaxy S22 after falling on a hard surface

PBKreviews experts have found out whether a fall from a height onto a hard surface can damage the flagship Galaxy S22. ABOUT

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The authors of the PBKreviews channel conducted an experiment with the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone in one of the issues. They found out whether this device will work after falling on a hard surface.

Before the test, the presenter removed all protectivefilms from a smartphone. First, the specialist dropped the device with the display down on the concrete from a small height (the distance from the belt to the road surface). As a result, the glass on the screen cracked on the first fall. From the same height, the expert then dropped the smartphone with the back panel down, and as a result, small scratches and scuffs appeared on it (on the side).

Next, the presenter dropped the device on his bottomframe. There are scratches and various damages in the corner of this frame. The fourth time the expert dropped the S22 on the side frame, but in the end there was no damage on it.

For the fifth time, the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone fell onconcrete surface from a height of 5.8 feet (about 177 cm). The device fell on the side frame, and scratches and scuffs appeared on it, and new scratches were added on the back panel.

During the last fall, the presenter simply turned the smartphone slightly. As a result, the glass on the back was completely broken, but the screen still worked fine. The cameras are also intact.

In general, the presenter concludes, it is still worth buying a case for this device.

Source: PBKreviews