What happens to your body when you eat red meat

Red meat is known to have a negative effect on cholesterol levels. But how strong is it really?

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High cholesterol can increase the chancedevelopment of certain diseases and life-threatening conditions. Among them, for example, coronary heart disease, stroke. The risk of premature death also increases.

The lack of sports in life, obesity, smoking, heredity can affect the increase in cholesterol. Nutrition also plays an important role.

When you eat red meat, your blood cholesterol levels rise. However, this product is not as harmful as it is commonly thought.

Some parts of the meat (with a lot ofnutrients and saturated fats) can actually cause an increase in cholesterol. For example, these are ribs, steaks on the bone. But this is provided that you often eat other foods that increase cholesterol levels.

It is also known that people who eat more red meat are more likely to eat a lot of unhealthy foods.

Therefore, red meat is not necessary at all.harm your body. If you start eating it in moderation and along with vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, then cholesterol levels will remain normal.

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