What happens with Samsung?

In the previous article about Redmi Note 7, I touched upon Samsung and scolded it a bit. I think it's time to share

with your thoughts with you in more detail about this "delusion", oh, it seems I was sealed, the brand ...

Samsung 2019

Samsung has today threefull line of smartphones like any well-established brand (with the exception of One Plus and Apple). These are the budget line “J”, the middle line “A”, and the premium segment “S”. Separately, I note the Note line, this is a sub-flagship of the company. Each of the lines has long been easily recognizable name, design, distinctive features, but against the background of competitors in all three planes, we see the most severe margin, and even with a strong desire I can not justify this price.

“Perhaps Samsung has its own perfectly optimized software and services for which you could overpay? Well, as in the case of Apple .. "- no.

“Well, maybe, then their devices are distinguished by excellent optimization, stability and security, similar to devices from Cupertino? - not.

“Hmm .., I heard about the own development of Exynos single-chip systems, maybe they stand out for their energy efficiency and performance, well, in the case of the Apple processors? -not.

“Well, maybe the design, components, Amoled?” - no, no, and again no.


You turned your attention to the fact that I am leadingComparison with Apple, and not with some Huawei and Xiaomi, well, simply because at one time, Samsung has very loudly declared itself (and continues to do so) as a direct competitor to the "apple". And since then, it has been breaking the price for its devices similarly to Apple, while washing consumers with “mega tons” of advertising, not having in fact similar soil “under their feet” in the face of its own operating system, processor, optimized software, services, unique security interface and etc. That is, in fact, does not have its own “face”, which means that Samsung is no different from Chinese manufacturers, who in turn squirm as they can, play prices, experiment with design and new formats!

It is for this reason that I can not Samsung seriouslyto compare and somehow justify with anyone ... In the case of Apple, this is spacing on all the main criteria (except for the price), and in the case of China everything is obvious. Koreans have become impudent, splintered and leave on tons of advertising and their good old name, as on a locomotive that rushes at a tremendous speed, but its brakes have failed, and he simply runs the risk of getting off the rail.

What about China?

Pay attention to the policy and strategyfrom Huawei in the installation of single-chip systems. Take the same Honor 8.9,10: they can not be called flagships, just the language does not turn, the price does not allow. But at the same time there are such chips as Kirin 950/960/970, these are fierce "stones", flagships of the company, and Huawei did not stint, no, the bet was made on another, and it "played." This was reflected in the popularity of the Honor line, it took off. Honor 8x - this is a competitor of Samsung A9, identical technical specifications, even NFS was delivered, but the price says that this is a budget device, and that we are being pulled somewhere. Koreans, I think, know exactly where ... And Xiaomi just "head off ripped off" the mobile industry, firing a shot with its Pocophone F1, Black Shark and now Redmi Note 7.

We propose to consider one Samsung model from the top, middle, and budget segment, and then disassemble the "chips" that Samsung is trying to justify the inflated price list.

In fact

Samsung Galaxy S9

  • dimensions 147.7 × 68.7 × 8.5 mm
  • 5.8 inch Amoled display with a resolution of 2960 × 1440 pixels, density 568 ppi
  • camera (MP) 12, aperture f / 1.5
  • front camera (MP) 8
  • body type classic, metal, glass
  • interfaces Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C, NFC
  • memory 4/64; 4/128; 4/256 GB
  • 3000 mAh battery with support for wireless charging.

Need to refresh knowledge of the single-chip systemExynos 9810 installed in this device, for this go to the official website of Samsung, but what do we see there? Nothing, just the frequency of the processor and the wrong one (namely, the frequency of Snapdragon 845, which lives in China and the United States). Even the name of the processor is not specified, with what it is connected - it is not clear.

I doubt this is a mistake, since the details ofExynos processor, we also did not find among other low-end models. Did the fame of the “stones” of its own design make it take such a step? Yes, guys, if it were not for one “but”, the device would have looked different, as if peas of black pepper had been thrust into the juicy “sweet” cake, which spoils the overall aftertaste.

The rest of the flagship (on Snapdragon) turned outinteresting and rich in features, such as dust and moisture protection, stereo speakers AKG, Samsung Pay, and the ability to change the aperture value of the rear camera depending on the amount of light from f / 1.5 to f / 2.4. Which by the way did not particularly affect the quality of shooting compared to the previous flagship Galaxy S8. Also left 3.5 mm audio jack, and how would it "cool."

Today, the official partnersSamsung Galaxy S9 can be purchased for stock +/- 49990 rubles. for version 4/64 Gb. We wouldn’t have questions if this model were on a stable Qualcomm processor (which isn’t sold here), but the company's marketers know better, well, hence the demand. Alternatives to the S9 "dime a dozen", Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi Mix 2s, Honor 10, Meizu 16, there you and the battery capacity will be much more, and support for fast charging implemented, well, decent single-chip systems, (not to mention the price).

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Samsung Galaxy A9

  • dimensions 162.5 x 77 x 7.8 mm weight 183 grams
  • 6.18 inch display, resolution 2280 × 1080 pixels, density 400 ppi
  • camera: 24 MP, 5 MP, 10 MP, 8 MP
  • front camera: 24 MP
  • body type classic, metal, glass
  • interfaces Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C, NFC
  • memory 6/64; 6/128
  • 3800 mAh battery

Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 eight cores - "wellblah, blah, four of which ... Stop, and how much does it cost? ”- in official stores at the moment there is a version for 6/128 Gb of RAM and built-in memory for 29990 tr. on "Promotions"! That is, for this money, Samsung offers a chip that the Chinese put in state employees ... Wow, on the exact same processor Xiaomi makes Mi 8 Lite, Mi A2, Redmi Note 7, for the 6/128 gb version it asks only 18990 tr.

Samsung A9 is positioned as a camera phone and the firstThere is a smartphone with four photo modules in the world, which is really impressive, but in fact the camera is the same age as Mi A 2 or Redmi Note 7. And these devices are also camera phones, oops, but the price is completely different. G-greed.

Samsung J6 (2018)

  • dimensions 149.3 × 70.2 × 8.2 mm weight 154 grams
  • 5.6-inch display, resolution 1480x720 pixels, density 294 ppi
  • camera: 13 MP (f / 1.9)
  • front camera: 8 MP (f / 1.9)
  • body type classic, metal, glass
  • interfaces Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, micro USB,
  • memory 2/32; 4/64;
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • Price from 15490 rub.

Scantly, in our opinion, a small battery, everythinganother microUSB, a negligible screen resolution for this diagonal. By all measures, the Korean state employee merges the Chinese, starting from the price and for each of the parameters. For this money and cheaper, you can pay attention to smartphones with a much more promising and powerful processor, this is Honor 8X or Mi 8 lite. From the point of view of the camera, this is Mi A2, Redmi Note 7. More memory, battery, USB-C can be found in such devices as Mi A2, Honor 8.9. It will be more profitable and practical.

Chips and features

No, in no case, there is no desire to discountthe uniqueness of the top-of-the-line interfaces, but they should serve as a sort of cherry on the cake, a bonus for loyal fans, and not a way to justify crazy margins on the presentation. The Chinese are focusing on the daily use of chips that are in demand on an ongoing basis, and this is not dust and moisture protection, it is not “wireless” charging, everything is much simpler. It takes a long time to “sit down” - it charges quickly - this is the path to which it is time to wind down.


I do not like Amoled, this matrix distorts realcolors, and the cheaper the device, the worse it looks. It looks acidic, and yes, in fact, his eyes are more tired of him. This is so, and so far the problem has not been solved. I felt it all at 100%, when I started using the iPhone XS Max, there Oled transmits a more natural color reproduction, due to the True Tone technology. But even with all this, I feel a significant difference with the IPS screen.

The problem of "burnout" also remains open. A year of active use will provide you with reddening or fading of the screen, and a kind of default screensaver on a white background in the form of icons of some kind of social network (often it is YouTube, Instagram). But on the other hand, given the speed with which users are now updating their gadgets, for many it will not be relevant.

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Unlock system

Just "haha" - I have such an emotion when II watch people bringing the latest Samsung fancy to the face, while looking at the eye openings on the smartphone screen ... “haha” this is really funny, it looks like an old fantastic movie about space. Only there such systems protected the premises, but not a compact device, in general they messed up something.

Analogs from Huawei and Xiaomi with laserface scan, in turn, analogues Face ID - look at times better. They are at least faster, at most, more practical and safer. But the iris scanner was exhibited at the Samsung presentation and promotions as “killer feature”, with greetings from the past. Well, how would my grandfather accurately assess. There is nothing to add.

Exynos processor

Exynos - own single-chip systemSamsung, created in the distant 2010, more precisely presented together with the Galaxy S (I note, then the phones did not need powerful processors, that is, at that time, the Exynos 3110 chip was enough for the simplest functions). I can not fail to note the fact that podlazhivanie interface and some animations, thoughtfulness when opening applications, crashes, and so on, I watched even then, with the Galaxy S2,3,4,5,6 edge.

I also want to note that it is found everywhere,whether it is Galaxy S9 or some kind of J6 (2018), and there and there will be lags right out of the box. “And where is Exynos? It can and the shell to lag, and application developers to screw up? ". And this also has a place to be, but similar devices A9, S8, S9, Note 8.9 on the Snapdragon 660, 835, 845 series do not have similar interface twitches, hangs.

Sadly aware, but this productis not the pride of the company, it is “Korean” shame, as it is, this is not Huawei’s Kirin and certainly not Apple’s “A” series. The most interesting thing for us is that Exynos is sold in the CIS and Europe, and Samsung based on Qualcomm in the United States and the Chin, like that.


"They just had to turn the smartphone over" -I thought, looking at the evolution of fingerprint scanners on the back of the flagships of the company S8, S9, Note. “How primitive and impractical this is,” I thought. Just turn the screen to yourself and focus your attention on creating a powerful 3D face scanning system, no? Well, not better, but at least the same as the Chinese? Not? Then the fingerprint scanner is built into the screen, like Meizu, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, while being distinguished by its area and accuracy of operation. That would be a surprise, yes? - No.

Samsung decided to "kill all the birds with one stone" by not caring about the location of the fingerprint scanner, "hammering a nail" on the degree of protection and practicality of face recognition, placing a bet on marketing as usual.

Bixbi button - a continuous contradiction andinadequacy of designers and programmers in one bottle. How could one place another button on the end, while all manufacturers try to come to a "seamless" design! I would support the idea of ​​the touch button in the frame of the smartphone, but no, you need to choose the most “awkward” place and “drop” the physics there.

But HTC has managed to apply technology EdgeSense (touch frame responsive to compression) by purpose, adding the ability to select the Google Assistant voice assistant to the settings section, isn’t it fine? And on a huge S9 Plus position this sensor on the bottom end? - in my opinion it is quite realizable and interesting. Or, like everyone else's voice, and not squeeze out the "blood from the finger." Moreover, Bixbi itself is sad, and to this day in Russia we work only in Korean and English.

"A huge frame around the display" - you think II started to describe some kind of desktop monitor to you, but no, these are Samsung phones, the “J” “A” line and even “S” line (top and bottom), still has a “not sickly” frame around the screen. But now manufacturers are close to 100% coverage of the display area. Yes, it is necessary to note the late response from the Koreans in the face of the matrix with holes for the camera, it looks fresh, and the A8s turned out to be a fairly balanced smartphone, with an excellent chip on board the Snapdragon 710, if the price is similar beauty, then this device is a success!

Who buys Samsung?

However strange it may sound, but the productsSamsung companies are buying more by inertia. People love stability: having once bought, for example, a “galaxy”, in 90% of cases, their next smartphone will be from Samsung. The reason for this is competent brainwashing by a Korean company. The user is simply sure that he is simply not buying a better, more reliable and stylish smartphone. The power of the brand ... And the fact that there are devices on the market is 1.5-2 times cheaper with the same design, they just do not want to hear!


In general, the company's problems on the surface needchange strategy, price, in order to stay afloat. Indeed, in addition to my thoughts and arguments, there are also sales statistics that have strongly subsided both in our country and in the Chinese market.
While people “do not buy” the whole essence, relying onsomeone else's opinion, tales of sales assistants, the opinion of paid bloggers, reputable publications, shops and so on. And, of course, I do not open "America", this is information for people seeing through Galaxy Wear who do not want and do not want to think and analyze .. Perhaps the situation will change after the presentation of the Galaxy S10, wait and see.