What has been improved in Apple AirPods Max, which cost like a smartphone

One Twitter user confirmed that AirPods Max beta firmware may support more

high-quality Bluetooth codec, which will at least improve the quality of voice calls on premium Apple headphones. Discuss

According to a Twitter user, he includedLC3 codec for AirPods Max via beta firmware. The LC3 codec is a future high quality Bluetooth low energy codec coming to headphones soon.

In this case, as the informant showed, the codecThe LC3 will improve the quality of your audio calls, making them sound better, but it will take Bluetooth 5.2 and the next generation of AirPods hardware to unlock the true potential of this technology.

Recall that the cost of AirPods Max is $549.00

Previously renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated thatApple's virtual/augmented reality headset will appear in 2023. So it may well be shown at the next presentation of the company, where we can also see the new iPhone 14.