What healthy chips should be eaten instead of unhealthy potato chips

Nutritionist Eva Shishova advised to abandon potato chips, and instead pay attention to

other products. Discuss

According to the expert, an alternative to potatothere may be chips made from apples or nori, an edible species of red algae of the genus Porphyra, which are used for sushi. This option is healthier than potato chips. In addition, nori sheets contain a lot of iodine, which is useful for people with a lack of this element in the body.

Shishova said that potato chips are popular because of the flavor enhancers and excess salt. Therefore, it is better to prefer bread and snacks with different flavors instead.

The specialist warned against the passion for these dishes, too, because of the large amount of salt. But they are not as harmful as potato chips.

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Source: Lenta.ru